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never mind what people says about axl...


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what do you say about axl will be forgiven by everybody? hahahaha lol ...

slash already said it a few days ago, vancouver was planned by axl ... and i keep thinking this too. maybe the consecuences aren´t calculated by axl but all this i think is good for axl.... bad posts, people damning him... and all of these people damning axl will go to the next concert he plans to play ... you will see...

so it was ten years ago, so it´s now ... guns and roses without cancelled concerts? guns and roses without a relationship HATE-LOVE with fans? guns and roses without bad post saying axl is a bullshit, he behaves as a mad man etc etc...?

I´m not american, i write from europe, and sorry but i cheer up of all this cause i think the cd will be out sooner, now guns and roses-axl rose is in the mouth of everyone in america and also europe ... do you know any better publicity and promotion?

up on a time someone said "never mind what people talks about you, the important is that they are talking about you"

Masterplan ...

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