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According to "inside sources",

The only thing that has gone wrong as far as the band is concerned is what happened in Vancouver, and

the first show in Philly, both unavoidable incidents.

All other cancellations have come from the Venues who are backing out due to the risk of property damage and or possible lawsuits resulting from personal injury.

It is as always, their prerogative and based on Axl's reputation they simply do not want to take a chance after all the negative press from the two cancelled shows.

As far as the band is concerned, All shows will go on as scheduled.

Unless the venue pulls the plug.

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I wouldn't back a GnR tour if  I was Ceo/manager of  a Venue or an insurance company -too much liability/risk. The band/leader still acts like hes playing Luckys Dump Dive Bar and Grill. The GNR faithful are passionate people.. and since 3/4 of the fuel to GNRs music is emotion& mixed with is ongoing private insistance of silence why the ^^%$$1 would I risk 1 penny and one persons life so some irresponsible rockstar millionaire can stand the crowds up? As for half sold out shows and poor selling tickets thats revelation that GNR wasn't

being recieved like the next big thing. It was riding the wave of yesterdays fame.

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Ya know in this game its not like your working at Wal mart and can call in at the last minute when you don't/can't go to work. Maybe its all legit and Axl was sick but it looks dubious. How could he have not known what the cancelation thing would do. People love the AZZHOLE. Either it was a transport thing again or there is something seriously haoppening in the band.

The "sickness thing" is as true as the "the album will  be out sometime next year" thing said in 1999,2000, 2001 and 2002!<<< we have 22 days to go for that to be right.

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Most venues were half sold out. Axl was reportedly asking $500,000 (not unheard of for national acts) a show banking that the RETURN was going to be the event of the year.... I did the math at the Mark show and it looked miserable. The venues upper deck was empty. Entire sections were empty.

All over the board/net reports have been coming in that the shows were ill attended given the size and scope of this band supposed draw. At $45.00 a ticket even at 10,000 people ... well you do the math- $450,000. And most of the seats in Moline were $35.00. I know that Moline was just one show but compiled over several shows. It's a speculation. Could be a factor. Thats all.

Somebody was losing money.....

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Mr. Sparkle as your so fond of pointing out -Axl is omnipotent..he has a 'master plan"... he should have had, as "Mr. GNR" himself some way of preventing the destruction or of communicating. Rather he was sick or not. Hell! have Del James get up on stage and say Hey the man is sick wishes he could be here... blah blah blah But did Mr. Democratic China do that? No he played the silence game again as usual. Is he responsible for the way people act? No. thats their gig.But throwing gasoline on a raging fire doiesnt help either. He isn't responsible for that or the band in the same way he wasn't responsible for Montreal and St. Louis.  ;) But did he think that this wasn't going to piss somebody off somewhere? Axl reminds me of that story of the Boy who Cried Wolf.

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I would say the math is more like 14,000 x $50.00...

which puts it in the 3/4 million range per show at the gate.

Assuming 7000 of those spend 35.00 on a T shirt,

thats another 1/4 million.

And concession sells would more than rent the arena by itself....

And thats conservative, with the price of beer, food, etc. at these things.

So with the band getting the half million you spoke of..

which sounds high, because the stones were only getting $550,000 per show last time out.

And they spent 1/2 that on advertising with pepsi and the other corporate sluts..

Gunners has no corporate sluts.


That still leaves a half million profit for someone....per show

X's 35 shows, and I think we have an argument for the fact someone is making plenty...

It aint money thats the problem.

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yeagh i agree somebody was making money somewhere. but concessions are the Venues?subcontracts and merchandising rights are often subcontracted out. People/companies pay either a royalty (or a fee) of the take to sell merchandise. Not all of that goes to the band or the record company.

Take into account what it takes to travel 60+ road crew and 4 -6 semi trucks of material. Usually this is fueled and funded by record sales paid out by the record company to promote their act... but whoops there isn't no record sales here pushing this through. Like I said though this is specualtion. Then of course there is the "use tax"most cities have on thier venues ect. A million dollars gets chewed up pretty quick in this game.

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