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For years I have been a big fan of Guns N' Roses, but Axl has disappointed many people...some more than once.  I last saw G'NR in '92...UYI tour at the Rosemont Horizon (as it was called then) for his 1st of two shows (the second one he ditched b-cause of the whole St. Louis thing).  Even then he didn't come on stage until 11:30PM!!!!!  Now he is cancelling shows without notice and I think I heard the tour is over.

Axl, if you read these..listen up...YOU ARE AN OLD, EGOTISTICAL, POMPOUS ASS WHO NEEDS TO GIVE IT UP!!!  

The only thing you have left is the many fans who stood by while we waited almost 10 years for a new album...and now you probably are gonna lose that too.  A lot of those people in Philly and Vancouver bust their asses to make a buck to come see your lame ass rendition of what used to be and YOU screw them over!!!!  Why should we care???  Back in the late 80's early 90's you broke all boundaries of rock...with the best band since the Beatles, but you screwed that up with your whiny attitude and poor work ethic.  I am sick and tired of waiting for a new album (which now more than likely will be pushed back...if it is even released at all), or even the CONCEPT of a legit tour.  

So in 10 years when you decide to make another comeback.....no one will care. >:( >:( >:( >:(

Angry "Former" Fan

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