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Songs 500 - 20 (Top 1000 songs of all time)


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OK! Time for some good news! (after philly!)

Ok, i have some results from the Triple M top 1000 songs of all time. I previously posted songs 1000 - 500 in a previous thread so if you want those results then check back a few threads. These are songs 500 - 21. They will countdown the top 20 songs this friday so i will give you the results on friday (thursday US time). Here are the GNR entries for these songs!

Live and Let Die - 425

Knocking On Heavens Door - 337

Paradise City - 315

Welcome To The Jungle - 212

You Could Be Mine - 173

Patience - 107

November Rain - 48

Ok, now that leaves Sweet Child O Mine for a top 20 finish....

If you want a full list it is available at:


They should be available there from tommorow. (monday aussie time, sunday US time)

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Thanks for the updates Gnrlies , It's great seeing all those GnR tunes so high up in the countdown and it's lookin good for SCOM for at least a top ten finish , though I woulda had WTTJ higher  ah well , BTW Gnrlies Congrats on yer 1000 post that's cool  8)

 Peace GnR Nation  8)

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