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Fortus at the NYC show


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I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I first heard Richard Fortus was replacing Paul and had been brought onboard. But he has really proven himself!

At the VMAs, I thought he was incredible -- so much energy and enthusiasm.

And at the NYC show, he totally blew me away. He has incredible stage presence,  and just seems to be genuinely euphoric about being up there and being part of GNR.  He totally fits the GNR mold -- in playing ability, image and rock n roll power. Anyone else notice this about Fortus?

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Fuck yea! He was hitting the strings like madman really getting into it.. He was so cool.. Him and Tommy has such great stage presence.. Running around and all.. They really seem to be enjoying themselves..

I need to read some up and pick up some of his albums too.. I think he is a good song writer aswell.. This band rocks!! :D

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