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Figured out why Axl's sound was bad at VMA's


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If you watch Axl at the VMA's his ear monitor kept falling  out. When that happens the singer cant hear himself against the guitars and its very difficult to get on pitch. I noticed that it happed several times durning the show and everytime it did it screwed him up...Same thing happened to Steve Tyler when they were here last year.

Also I just watched some of the bootlegged video and the VMA performance is it just my monitor and color resolution but is Axls cross tattoo blackened in?

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come on, he fucked WTTJ UP!!

Yeah i have to say i noticed the exact same thing in the kurt loder interview... It looks as though he has blackened it in!

I think its a shame.. I mean at this point of his life it might be a reminder of the past, but when he;s like 60 years old or somehting, he will look upon the AFD days with slash etc as some of the best times of his life (aside from their falling out)

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