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New songs written by.....?


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Does anyone have sth. like a list which shows who made all the new songs?

Do the lyrics from Madagascar come from axl alone?

Who wrote Chinese democracy, Rhiad and the Bedouins and the Blues?

Is there any Axl, Buckethead song yet? (I remeber Axl made a few with slash of Izzy back when...)

And does the band write songs without Axl too? Well, I guess they do, but which?

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I am pretty sure Tommy can write, Bucket can write, I don`t know about Finck, Dizzy is probaly writing (apparantly The Blues), Huge wrote, Fortus is probaly a bit late but I am sure we will see more of him later cause he has been a founding member of two successful bands..

I think the others will do lyrics as well.. Axl has said many times that this is not a Axl Rose solo project..

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