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guns n roses has not sold out any shows yet, nor will they...but they are coming within a few hundred at most stops

Here's the deal,

The promoters and ticketmaster are purposely holding back tickets and releasing them in blocks right up until showtime, (its an anti scalper thing)

I was able to get tickets 10 ft from the stage 5 days before the show in boston after previously months earlier checking every day and watching the best available come up in the balcony, both at the box office and on line.

While at the window the night of the show, people were walking up and buying some of the best seats in the house literally an hour before showtime.

this has been happening at every venue so far.

The reason MSG did not fill the house at the last minute was simply weather.

The venue's themselves have no control over the availability of these last minute tickets as the ticket agents are shocked themselves when they request tickets on their computers and these primo seats suddenly pop up...

Ebay scalpers and outside scalpers alike are getting stuck with handsfull of useless overpriced tickets..

And Im personally estatic about that..

So if you need tickets, just go down and buy them,

and tell the scalpers to kiss your ass on the way by.

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what is "scalper"? (I'm no english native speaker)

A scalper buys rows of tickets when they are posted and hopes that the show is a sellout. He then sells the tickets for more than they are actually worth (sometimes 2 or 3 times the actual ticket price), whether immediately before the show or on ebay etc.

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Somebody who buys a ticket at face value.. at the price asked at the window and then sells that ticket to people for much much more the day of the show. Sometimes they will buy hundreds of tickets and then run the prices up. For instance in Chicago a person bought a GNR ticket for $45.00 and sold it to one of my patients for $150.00 and he was so bummed out because they had tickets at the window. To be scalped is to be ripped off, cheated.

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