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500 - 1000 (top 1000 songs)


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Hi, as you may remember i posted a week or so ago that a sydney radio station were doing a top 1000 songs of all time countdown.

Well they have released the list of songs 1000 - 500

Just to make this clear, this does not include the top 500 songs

Gnr songs in this half are:

955 Civil War

801 Sympathy for the Devil (GNR Version, not Rolling Stones)

719 Don't Cry

634 Yesterdays (GNR Yesterdays, not Beatles Yesterdays)

525 Mr Brownstone

You can get this list at the following link:


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It's great to see so many make the list.  You know there will be at least 5 more in the top half.

Sweet Cild O Mine

Welcome to the Jungle

November Rain

Paradise City

You Could Be Mine

Estranged should be there but it's a song that is only given it's true credit by us hardcore guns fans.  Knockin on heavens Door might have shot if they look like their willing to consider cover songs.

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Sympathy is mad!@

I love it!

But Knocking on heavens door will make it for sure...

(it always makes it in these litsts in australia anyway!)

The following songs will garunteed get in...




Sweet Child

Paradise City

Welcome To The Jungle

November Rain....

They all made last years top 500 list...

Sweet child got 16th, so i want it in the top 10 at least!

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