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Where are all the bootlegs man??


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Americans are pussies when it comes to bootlegging shows...lol.  I'm scared of Axl's crazy behavior.  Anyway, we keep hearing how great he sounds..and how great indeed he did sound in chicago, but now....no bootlegs..damn


Gnrlies was right. We've been waiting nine years to see this band back on stage again, so who wants to take the risk of getting kicked out of the show for bootlegging?

However G-Face, if you'd like to take the risk, then by all means go ahead. We all look forward to seeing/hearing your bootlegs afterwards -- that is, if you don't get thrown out first.

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it cant be a bad thing fdor axl to let some boots out. I mean it will help his reputation especially after the VMA's. It will let people know that he can still sing!

But i mean theres no loss letting boots out, i mean they arent playing too much material from the new ablum, and i for one wouldn't refrain from going to a gnr concert just cos ive heard a bootleg from another show!

haha its a whole experience ! Not just audio!

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