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Toronto.....f...kn AWESOME!!


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Setlist (not in order)

1. Welcome to the Jungle

2. It's So Easy

3. Mr. Brownstone

4. Live and Let Die

5. Knockin’ On Heaven's Door

6. You Could Be Mine

7. Think About You

8. Robin Finck guitar solo

9. Sweet Child O' Mine

10. Out Ta Get Me

11. Buckethead guitar solo

12. November Rain

13. Rocket Queen (Pam Grier and Elvis on big screen)

14. Madagascar (martin Luther King Jr on big screen)

15. The Blues (Dizzy on piano)

16. Patience

17. My Michelle

18. Chinese Democracy (Rant done about jounalists)

19. NIghtrain

20. Robin Finck guitar solo

21. Paradise City

I reached The Air Canada Centre around 8:30, had to buy a t-shirt (of course), I got the the long sleeve jersey type (costed $80.) By the time I got to my seat it was 9 ish. Mix Master Mike was about to hit the stage ( I guess I missed CKY (No big deal)....he went on for about 30 - 45 mins....did some good mixing I might add, it was the first time I saw actual mixing done to good heavy stuff...other than the same ole rap stuff...he did a short tribute to Jam Master Jay...some Korn, Janes Addiction....a little GNR. He overstayed his welcome though.....the crowd started shouting out GNR...GNR...GNR. He left the stage around 9:45. The camera then started to focus on the chicks in the audience....telling the girls to show some skin.....it took a while then the tities started popping out.....I was intrigued, this guy lighting up a spliff was the star of that segment though....it was some guy that looked like he came out of the Grateful Dead / Jimi Hendrix era....the crowd liked him. Anyways just like during Mix Master Mike....the crowd started getting restless.....they know what they were there for and it was not to see tits and ass. By now it was 10:30 and there was boooing....chants of GNR ....GNR....Guns n ROSES!!!

At 10:40......the lights went out.....Oh man!! the crowd (which I might add was around 17,000....almost fullhouse) went into a frenzy....the place turned red from the lights, there was smoke everywhere, then the music started playing  -  the opening notes to Welcome to the Jungle.  The 17,000+ fans were whipped into a frenzy as the notes kept getting repeated, it was a WICKED!!.... Finally, a blast of pyro was heard and the song truly started, with the band rocking this song out like it was 1991 all over again.  Axl's singing was F...KN AMAZING!!! sounded just like he did in the earlies.....he came on with a Toronto Maple Leafs #26 white jersey sporting his dreadlocks....it was hard to get used to seeing Axl like that but who cares  .  Everyone around me was marveling at his vocals. It's So Easy and Mr. Browstone were performed back to back.....the crowd stood the entire time....in awe.....it's like they couldn't believe that GNR was back.....they were astonished.  Live and Let Die was one of the top songs of the night, lots of pyro and fireworks. Axl at 40 is gonna be here for a while....trust me, he held the notes during the chorus for as long as I've ever heard them held....and his energy level....he ran the stage.....I don't know how he does it....but he does it well.....  ??? ::):o ;D

I gotta go now.....I'l be back with the rest of my experience at the show of my life.

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There were rants, the only one I could really hear was before Chinese Democracy when he was saying how you don't know what to expect with journalists giving reviews, saying that sometimes they give you the thumbs up and sometimes all they give you is a thumb up their ass. He also  said that the job of a journalist is doin'  nothing because all they write about is their opinion of what you do.

As I said before there were quite few rants but the crowd was so into it I couldn't really hear.

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There was ont rant about the Montreal 1992 concert...

Things for fucked when my plane did not take off from Montreal to Toronto because of the snow storm. I rented a car and drove my way to Toronto. I arrived in the Air Canada Centre at 10:30OM and the GNR went on stage at 10:37PM.

The Air Canada Centre was PACKED! I mean it was a full house and the ambiance was great!

I expected to get the usual intro (voice from the Exorcist) like at the other concerts but we did not get it.

As soon as Welcome To The Jungle came on, I was relieved to see that the sound system was properly calibrated. The sound was great, clear, crisp!

Axl was very talkative, he joked around throughout the show. He joked during his piano solo.

Axl Rose asked: "How many of you people where at the infamous Montreal 1992 show?". Lots of people yelled that they where, some people booed. What an asshole to even bring it up...

The song Chinese Democracy absolutely ROCKED! Axl Rose really seemed to enjoy signing this song. About 5 people asked me how come I knew the lyrics to the song. I noticed that no one in the crowd seemed to know the lyrics to the song.

The most appreciated "new material" was Madagascar, I guess because most people had heard a preview of it at the MTV Music Video Awards. Chinese Democracy came in second and The Blues third.

People behaved at the concert. One minor incident: when I went to the men's washroom, there was a few male security guards helping a female security guard wash hew face from the pepper spray she got in he face. Don't know how that happened. The use of pepper spray by law enforcement agents is very common in Canada, so there's no surprise there.

The Toronto concert was as good if not better than the Illusions concerts. Axl did say something about people trying to put him down all the time, and I have a feeling that has been the case with the concert reviews of the first concerts of this present tour.

This is DEFINITIVELY a concert not to miss! If you don't have tickets yet, click here to get your tickets!

To get the concert setlist, just click here:


Eric Romano, Webmaster


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