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Tonights show 11-25-02


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I GOT A CAMERA into the show but it got taken RIGHT before patience... I had to use just a little Grrr

GNR goes on at 10:10


Its so easy


Live and let die

knocken on heavens door

Think  about you

--------- I forget what was played here on my list all I have is SO, maby it was nothing..

Axl makes riot joke, "You've got some explaining to do"

He said he didnt know what day it was and that it felt like he'd already been here, and he would never ever do somthing like that.

You could be mine

Fink Solo

Sweet child

Out to get me

axl says bucketheads dad went to ohio state, and that he has worn and ohio state jersy for 7 or 8 years. he said he likes to wear all the jersy from the towns hes palyed in

Madicascar (mad at nascar)

Into to noverember rain

November rain

Band intro

Bucket head solo, bucket head played star wars and farmer and the dell

Rocket queen I think this is where axl said somthing about how he saw an alise cooper concert and alace said somthing about pussy

The blues GREAT LIFE I was waiting for this one

Chinease democracy

Axl said somthing....

Nite Train

Robin Solo

Paridice city, Axl started to sing he wasnt herd very well , so he started over, he didnt get mad

Great show!!!! Axl laughed at the riot thing, he had the security gard say ngihtrain then said you herd what he said or somthing like that then they played the song. Axl wore a White with red 27 ohio state jersy, then changed to A red with white letter one, then wore the home hocky team jersy, then for paridice city changed back to the first one. I bought the T shirt with the bullet holes in it, they couldnt sell the shot glasses untill after the show. Ohhh Some person selling the shirts said only 5000 were expected I then asked a security dude how many the place could hold he said 18-20,000. I could see the stage REALLY well. Some guy said he'd have to confiscate my camera, securty was realy relaxed just patted you down. I was piissed about the camera being taken away I had some good shots ;( If anyone has a bootleg let me know !!! AXl sounded great. I didnt like robins solo during november rain it kinda lacked somthig. Someone said somthing about him having the same guitar slashed used or somthing that looked like it. The one slash used had a different burst. Robins guitar had a burst with flame maple on top. Oh axl said thank you at the end of november rain. it sounded like the end of one of the USE YOUR ILLUISON videos in toko when the credits are rolling.. Thats it great great show. CKY didnt suck to bad. I liked one of there songs mix master mike was pretty cool he played for about an hour CKY half an hour they started on time GNR 10:10-12:12. All the songs are in order I wrote them down .

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The show was great and the crowd seemed into the whole night. The place was going nutz during P.C

I thought the Cleveland show had more energy and  more people.  I'm still amazed how the new guys can wail on the guitar. I know I will piss some people off but these guys can hang with Slash. Dizzy is amazing in The Blues where I was sitting the crowd werent into the new songs too much. The sound was great and Axl's voice carried fucking awesome!! I get chills when he hits the high notes. I love it during Live and Let Die how he can hold it for so long. I just cant believe they are done in Ohio it came and it went so fucking fast. Looks like I might have to do some traveling. Axl told  the crowd that this is kinda like and oldies but goodies type of show but not to worry they will be back to play some new stuff. I'm feeling Chinese Democracy.  For those who havent had the chance to see GnR get tickets. For those who have tickets to a show coming up enjoy your in for a real fucking treat.

Over all A+

some side notes-

-It was a Ted nugent song he was talking about before NR.

-Axl mention he seen the riots on the news (from Ohio State's riots after they defeted Michigan) and he thought of fuck am I late.

Chinese Democracy has started

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I was at the show in Columbus and I have to say it pretty much rocked.  If you closed your eyes you wouldn't even know there was a new line up.  There have been questions about Axl's voice.  Those questions have been silenced.  His voice is strong as ever if not stronger.  I sat in awe when he held a note during Live and Let die for what seemed forever.  I was most impressed by Fink.  He was electric.   I was in section 116 in row 5 and managed to run down to the corner and touch Axl's hand during WTJ.   After that the security guards wouldn't let us down there anymore but I noticed the other side was doing it regularly.  Anyway the show was great and the new stuff is strong.  I personally feel like Axl could lose the corn rows but the guy can wail.  Great show.  You should go.  I hope they come around next year with a full blown Chinese Democracy tour.

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Cool reviews Gnrfn02 and Mega_Music.   :)

... -Axl mention he seen the riots on the news (from Ohio State's riots after they defeted Michigan) and he thought of fuck am I late.

Chinese Democracy has started

lol.  Sounds like Axl was in a good mood.  :D

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