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st louis 91


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haha axl is crazy...

Well that was interesting..

I dont see how he can be accounted for a riot though..

I reckon its a stupid is charging someone for not driving fast enough so that the person in the car behind them wouldn't get home quick enough to be carefull when walking up the stairs. Since they had a fall which killed them.


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I found a website a while ago that had the whole story about St Louis.... was a good read... Have to go find it! *Searches*

Aparently the guy was in a local biker gang and he was taunting Axl throughout the show and aparently the security knew/was friends the biker gang he was in.. so they didnt do anything about the camera.... so then axl did  :P

Ill try n find that website!

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im sure there are many reports of that day...

I reckon though as he said on the MTV interview with loder back in 92/93 not sure, where he said that it wasn't his fault, he just handled it in an undesireable way.

It was funny hearnign that when he was in jail he spent most of his time signing autographs for guards and inmates! haha i found that funnmy/

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