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Idaho Reviewer Gets Earful From GNR Fans


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Remember the review from the small-time Idaho newspaper reporter,  Michael Deeds, that I posted on Nov. 13?  The one that was riddled with errors? You know, where he said Slash was replaced by three guitarists and other nonsense?

Anyway, apparently he heard from a few of you. hehe.  ;) And he wrote a little blurb in Friday's paper about how much he appreciated it.


My e-mail box is bulging with nearly 100 profanity-laced tirades in reaction to my G N' R concert review. Many are from out-of-state and foreign fans who did not attend the show. Here's the prototype, sans grammatical errors, typos and threats of physical violence: "(Bleep) you, you (bleep)-ing (bleep)-hole. Shove a potato up your (bleep). G N' R will rule the world again, (bleep)-er."  


He also made a crack about Axl being late.

.. Axl Rose has made us wait about 70 minutes already. (It's rumored that Mr. Raiders Jersey was watching the end of Monday Night Football.) ..

Here's the link. http://www.idahostatesman.com/Search/Story...ry.asp?ID=25676

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