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This has absolutely nothing to do with us and our music, but this is great fucking news for cky fans:::: or anyone

Posted by Ringo on the ckyalliance site:

on may 27'th, and all through the following memorial day weekend, mtv2 will be showing "CKY's a very special special."

the show is a compilation of old footage, behind the scenes, and lots of new stuff.

not only will this be cool as hell, but also, if the responce is large enough, CKY, and the Alliance, may very well get their own show!

be ready for me to give you guys an airtime very soon.

infiltrating on and on... Modern rock WXRK-FM (K-Rock) New York flipped to Mainstream

Rock with an expanded playlist and launched K-Rock 2 (krockradio.com) a new,

separate Internet channel on April 4th.

K-Rock 2, focuses on cutting edge artists

and today, they added "Familiar Realm," the first track from AN ANSWER CAN BE FOUND.

They will start playing it TOMORROW, and to listen, go to

www.krockradio.com and click to connect to krock2.


SOOOOO ... tomorrow you better listen for Familiar Realm! (new album coming out June, 28th!!!) this new album will kill women and children. . . then the day after, they will have it up on itunes!!!! downloadable in case you dont hear it, so either way, you better listen to this full song, no excuses. If you don't have itunes, download it, if you can't download it, ask me, you all better listen to this song. Or else, I will know if you don't. I'm so excited, it's not even imaginable, you have no fucking clue! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)UQ_#(%_UQ)#%U{Q)#%QL#%H:O#H%)%u309u 50 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


so . . . post your comments . . . An Answer Can Be Found : June 28th 2005 this album is supposed to be heavier and more complicated than any of their other stuff, and will feature guitar solos.

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My two most awaited albums are this and Chinese Democracy. I WANT!

I wouldn't get too excited about Chinese Democracy, personally, i don't care if it ever comes out. If it does, thats cool, but Axl can't sing anymore, and more than likely, it will be a dud.

but yes, cky, new album, gonna be awesome, and tomorrow, I will be able to get a tatste of it. yes, An Answer Can Be Found. 6.28.05

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