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New recordings! WTTJ, KOHD, Brownstone etc.

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I was really bored today, so I've decided to record a little.

I recorded:

GNR - KOHD (solo)

GNR - WTTJ (intro)

GNR - Mr. Brownstone (intro)

Dire Straits - Money for nothing (intro)

Metallica - Nothing else matters (solo)

But after I was finish, I heard that the guitar was a little out of tune, but I don't think it affected the recordings to much... It was recorded in a hurry, so I can easily hear some errors :) And I haven't added drums or bass. I will record it a little more seriously later!

Here are the files:


I always appreciate feedback :)

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Thanks for the feedback!

I know WTTJ isn't very good.. And I ain't to satisfied with nothing else matters neither. But I will record the songs more seriously soon I think. With drums and bass. I hope it will be a bit better :)

I have rerecorded GNR - Paradise city (w/ drums) too, but it's on another computer. I will upload it soon!

And again, thanks alot for feedback!

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Your doing stupidly well for what, 4-5 months of playing... give a round of applause to "backslazh"!  lol  rock3

Only 5 months? :blink:

Dude youre well on your way ;) keep rocking rock4

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