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"A song for sleeping" and "Wonderful"

Gallagher Rose

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They are good songs. "Shangri-La Dee Da" wasn't their strongest effort, but songs like that made it worth while. I am a big fan of "Hollywood Bitch," "Black Again," "Hello, It's Late," and "Bi-Polar Bear".

However, "Tiny Music..." is easily their best album, in my opinion. It's very different from anything they did. Check it out. Highlights include "Pop's Love Suicide," "Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart," "Adhesive," "And So I Know," "Lady Picture Show," "Ride The Cliche," and "Seven Caged Tigers".

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Though I like all of their albums, I think Purple was the best. Had some great hard rock songs (Meatplow, Unglued) catchy poppy numbers (Interstate Love Song, Vaseline) and some great songs that would never be singles, like Army Ants.

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Purple's my favorite STP album. Shangri-La Dee Da is a real good album, my favorite songs are probably "Coma," "Black Again," and "Transmissions From a Lonely Room". Right now I listen to "Dumb Love" a lot, but that's just because I like the song title right now.... It does sound like something is missing from this album though, like they overproduced some of it or something, it kind of sounds too close to pop at times.

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