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all thanks goes to nitrayn from 2000 intentions


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(10/7/02 7:34:40 pm)

Reply Ok people... dont shoot the messenger


I have spent most of my afternoon emailing the local stations, trying to shed some light on the new single. I finally got a reply. It came from a DJ at 967willrock.com I will leave the actual jockey unanomous, but here is what he told me.


We are indeed in posession of a GNR single. It came with strict legal reprecussions if it was played pre maturely. Only a handful of people here were eligble to hear an advanced copy. From what I hear, it is breathtaking. I can however tell you it will be on the air by the end of October. I also can give you the rumored track listing of the album. This by no way is confirmed by there label, it's just some rumors that we have pieced together:

Chinese Democracy

Catcher In The Rye

Eulogy For A Broken Heart

All the Kings Horses

Childhood's End


Burned Bridges



There Was A Time

Got To Be Crazy

This I Love


The Blues

Ace in The Hole

The Long Road To Sanity

ok take that as you will, and go to 967willrock.com to get a hold of them for further info.

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no " OH MY GOD "  ???

I hope that song makes it......the more and more i hear that song the more and more i like it  :)

yea.. Its definitly a smashing song.. :)

But this can only mean they got songs that are better! :D

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no " OH MY GOD "  ???

I hope that song makes it......the more and more i hear that song the more and more i like it  :)

So, go buy the "End of Days" soundtrack and you can listen to the studio version of "Oh My God" all you want. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't show up on the album since it's been out there on that soundtrack for years.  

I'm kinda surprised "Silkworms" isn't on there though.

Also, I'm not convinced this note came from a legit source.  I mean, take a look at all the spelling and grammar errors in the response. For a professional, I find it hard to believe a radio personality would send out a response to a member of the public looking like this. Just my opinion.

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^^ I kinda agree with Madison!

BuT.... as if a Dj is gonna care how to type on a Keyboard or how to spell properly! There is also the TYPO by chance and imagine how many emails they would have to reply to!

Umm.. Yeah... i donno... just trying to believe in what i want to believe in!  ;D

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I work for a magazine in South Carolina and we're owned by the local rock station and they said that there are actually singles out there... on of the djs is good friend of mine who talked to a friend of his in Philly and he said they do have the new single and he gave me the same track listing as the guy from whatever station sent you this so maybe it is true?!?!?!?!

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who knows what the hell is going on anymore funk master rabbits. you know all rumurs always come fucking true. people are crazy zoid bigs what the hell is wrong with people?  ???

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Erm... why are ppl bumping old topics...  <_<

That is exactly the point of me bumping this shit.

Like 10 old ass topics have been bumped by some sipshit newbie. This is my sign of protest against the mods not doing shit about it.

I like your edit though. :lol:

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