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good Nine Inch Nails songs


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Hell yeah

- Ruiner

- Head Like A Hole

- Heresy

- Starfuckers, Inc. (Studio and Live, live is better tho)

- Only

- All The Love In The World

- Terrible Lie

- Right Where It Belongs

- The Hand That Feeds

- March Of The Pigs

There are some of it, all fantastic songs.

Start with those, you should get Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral. Those are classic albums from NiN.

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All of NIN's music is awesome. Here's what I recommended in another thread:

If you're going to listen to albums, I'd start with "Pretty Hate Machine" and "Downward Spiral." The band's live album, "And All That Could Have Been" is the best live album I've ever heard from any band (including GNR).

If you just want to listen to individual tracks first, then I'd recommend "Terrible Lie," "Closer," (Live version from the "And All That Could Have Been" album), "Head LIke A Hole," "The Wretched," "We're In This Together," "Wish," "No You Don't," "That's What I Get," "Into the Void," "Gave Up," "Something I Could Never Have," "Sin," "The Fragile," "Day the world went Away," "Hurt," "Sanctified," "Happiness In Slavery," and "Kinda I want to." This is a good mix of harder rock songs and ballads.

As for the new album - With Teeth - it rocks.

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