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Type O Negative


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I absolutly love them..... please do not compare them to Evanscence (:vomit:) :P

Ha,I just wanted to say that!

Yeah....plz don´t compare them to evanescence :scared:

You should have been in the worst comparising hall of fame. And back to the subject, yea Type O' Negative are great

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Type O Negative is my all time favorite band in the world. It has nothing to do with Peters penis.

Haha. This one girl that went out with one of my friends was a really big Type O fan, and when that magazine came out, that was all she could talk about. It was funny because she would be sitting next to her boyfriend talking about how huge Peter's joint was. My friend was ashamed, and we broke his balls every chance we could. :lol:

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I have so much respect for them. They have been around since 92' and have never given up. All their songs are unique and different, yet they manage to never change their own sound. They are self produced (Josh), and self reproduced (Peter). They are working on a new album now, their first for a new label.

Did any of you know that Johnny Kelly (drummer) jams with Dizzy Reed sometimes? He has performed with Happenin harry a few times.

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