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Best Mayhem singer


Simply,who is the best IYO  

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Dude that happened.

Mayhem crucified their lead singer, set him alight threw parts of him into the crowd and the crowd started eating him.

It was in Sweden.

My mates got the video on his comp.

nope,it didnt

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Dead was a Swede previously from the band Morbid. He was strongly fascinated (as his stage name indicates) by death, decay, and darkness. Even Euronymous described Dead as mentally unstable and possibly schizophrenic. Dead became well known for his strange behavior: he buried a set of clothes for months underground so that he could wear decaying rags onstage at Mayhem shows. He also kept a rotting raven in a plastic bag so that he could "inhale the scent of death" before each song he performed.In 1991, Dead committed suicide by means of a shotgun blast to the head (he had also slit his wrists several times).Dead's body was discovered, along with a suicide note reading "Excuse all the blood", in a back room of the band's house. Euronymous quickly took pictures (which later appeared in the booklets for several subsequent Mayhem releases and other bands' materials) of the bloody scene using a polaroid camera. Persistent rumors assert that he then cooked and ate pieces of Dead's brain, and that fragments of Dead's skull were collected and forged into necklaces by both Euronymous and Hellhammer.

yep a very cool person :P

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