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Motorhead's BOMBER to be re-released


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Following the success of last year¹s INFERNO album ­ their most highly-acclaimed album in over a decade, ending up in many publications' End Of Year Top 20s ­ MOTORHEAD return to the UK for their THIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY year with a host of unmissable showsŠincluding the return of The Bomber to Hammersmith on June 16th, with a host of special guests on the night! MOTORHEAD also recently received a GRAMMY for Best Metal Performance, beating off young pretenders to the crown such as Slipknot and Cradle of Filth..!

To commemorate the legendary 30th Anniversary show, Sanctuary have consulted with Lemmy to release the legendary 1979 Bomber album in all its glory... plus a few extra tracks!

The 2-CD BOMBER: Deluxe Edition will be released on JUNE 16TH on SANCTUARY RECORDS.

To commemorate MOTORHEAD's 30th year of relentless, ear-splintering shock and awe, Sanctuary release the band¹s explosive 1979 album, Bomber, as a 2-CD deluxe expanded edition.

Standing as a landmark within the speed-metal pantheon, the album is held in high esteem by MOTORHEAD fans and reached number 12 in the charts on its release, while the title track also landed them a Top 40 hit.

MOTORHEAD's accompanying live shows replicated the iconic front cover with the lighting rig constructed in the shape of a WWII Heinkel III bomber which Œflew¹ above the heads of the fans in venues up and down the country.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, the bomber awaits clearance to take flight once more as MOTORHEAD prepare to take to the stage on June 16th for a one-off 30th anniversary show at Hammersmith Apollo.

This remastered edition of the album includes a second disc of live versions and rare tracks, encapsulating for the first time MOTORHEAD's recordings from this period.

DISC 1: Dead Men Tell No Tales / Lawman / Sweet Revenge / Sharpshooter / Poison / Stone Dead Forever / All The Aces / Step Down / Talking Head / Bomber

DISC 2: Over The Top (B-side) / Stone Dead Forever (alternative version) / Sharpshooter (alternative version) / Bomber (alternative version) / Step Down (alternative version) / Leaving Here (live ­ Golden Years EP) / Stone Dead Forever (live ­ Golden Years EP) / Dead Men Tell No Tales (live ­ Golden Years EP) / Too Late Too Late (live ­ Golden Years EP) / Step Down (live)



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