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I was at my towns local underground cd store and checkin through their vinyls, and checked their vinyl section. They had a lot of rare albums that I was suprised. For example, they had this vinyl of AFD, with signatures of axl, slash and izzy

This is the album cover but a different picture


These guys also had a lot of rare stuff their. They had not one but 3 vinyls of the ultra rare Metallica's "Whiplash" single cover that only a few thousand were made. They also had Creeping Death single (5 of them) I think only metallica1 and maybe kirrsirge would know that one perhaps.



They also had rare Iron Maiden vinyls like Maiden Japan


the trooper and aces high and many others were there



There was also a Spanish vinyl of Number of the Beast that made me laugh.

My store kicks ass.

What rare records do you have?

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