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So i went to see u2 at the manchester City stadium it started out with a band i hant even heard of, then to snowpatroll i didnt like them either but u2 made up for tht!!!

All they effects they had on there set they just walked on set and played vertigo they rocker manchester really it was a buetifull site, They did vertigo twice opening and closing the best i have to say was sunday bloody sunday they rocked the stadium elevation was the second best and as Bono does he did A africa speech and he gave people a number to txt into in the middle of the concert and txt in there names and at the end on the screen(i have to say it was the best set i have ever seen) all the names of people tht texted in and it was a fucking lot!



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The line up:


I Will Follow

Cry / Electric Co.


New Year’s Day

Beautiful Day

City of Blinding Lights

Miracle Drug

Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own

Love and Peace

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Bullet The Blue Sky

Running to Standstill

Pride in the Name of Love

Where the Streets Have No Name


Zoo Station

The Fly

Mysterious Ways

With or Without You

All Because of You



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^Sorry for not living up to your exspectations.


No need to be a smartass, idiot. It's just extremely hard to read when it's all a big fucking sentence.


And its extremely hard when people write LiKe ThIs but i have to put up with it.

tht is my style of writing

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