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Vocal lessons/practice

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Anyone else here in a band and had any vocal practice or lessons?

I am about to commence with them, and I was just wondering if they really had any influence or impact on the way you sing?

Success stories would be nice! ;)

Cheers Gunners.

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For the most part, if you're a screamer or a growler they can show you proper technique. Singing lessons also help to expand your range. I remember when I first started I couldn't even sing 2 octaves, now I can almost sing 2 and a half without falsetto.

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I take vocal lessons. I also play piano and hopefully in my junior year I will be performing Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique for a competition (one of the hardest pieces in the competition book).

...anyway onto singing...

I take vocal lessons and during a competition I got a pretty good score and will be able to go to the Area-All State Chorus (best of 5-counties). Im too young for the more advanced choruses.

Anway one of my senior friends took voice lessons and was able to go to the All County, Area-All State, All State and the incredible All-Easter Honors Chorus (best 300 students out of 11 Eastern states). And she pretty much could get into any music collage. (Actually she turned out to be Valedictorian lol.)

Hopefully I will be there someday.


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