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Which Slayer Albums are good?


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Well my friend you are lucky I'm here, i am a huge SLAYER fan. To answer your question all there albums kick ass but here are my favorites; HELL AWAITS,SHOW NO MERCY, REIGN IN BLOOD, and SOUTH OF HEAVEN. If you like newer metal you'll like Diabolus in Musica and God Hates Us all.

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Whoa whoa whoa, I do believe the biggest Slayer fans here would be me and Kissirge

Show No Mercy is a great albu, Slayer's first, it is fast and hard, what Thrash metal is, production wise for sound it is not up to par but its good. Show No Mercy is my favorite. Some good songs off of Show No Mercy would be Fight Till Death, Black Magic and Chrionics *my favorite*

Haunting The Chapel is a mini album containing 4 songs including the extra bonus track Aggressive Perfector Version 1, the title track is the weakest song but Chemical Warfare and Captor of Sin are top notch, these are prouduced similar to what Show No Mercy was. In short, "It's short and sweet"

Hell Awaits is epic, the title track is long and Slayer true epic song, producition wise-it was over produced in part to Metal Blades manager. Hell Awaits and Kill Again are great songs here.

Reign In Blood. You can not say anything badd of Blood. Angel of Death will annhilate your ears at the speed of sound. Every song on here is fast, it is a non-stop assault of agression. Some of the bonus tracks liek the alternative song to Criminally Insane is the worst thing off of it so skip it. Also included is a remaster of Aggressive Perfector

South of Heaven is a slower tempo Slayer album. South of Heaven itself is a classic song but does not live up to Reign In Blood.

Seasons in the Abyss is in a sense "Slayer's Black Album". War Ensemble lives up to Slayer's glory days of extreme thrash with a hint of extra craftsmanship in the song. Seasons In The Abyss is also a great epic song, great musicship on there.

Decade of Aggression If you haven't been to a Slayer concert, this will strap you into the front row. Slayer slays all the songs. I reccomend you get this after you get ALL the first albums though.

Divine Intervention For awhile Slayer took a break. Divine Intervention is a different album for Slayer but it is good. It features Paul on the skins so it is different. Dittohead is a great song.

Skip the gay cover album

Diablous in Musica is more modern if your into that.

God Hates Us All-same

Get RIB first. Then Seasons, then South of Heaven, then Hell Awaits, then Show No Mercy, Chapel, Divine, then whatever from then on.

SLAY MAN!!!! :devil:

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all their old stuff is pretty good. but Slayer is extremely repetative, I can only listen to them for a certain amount of time, then I take about a 3 or 4 month break. All these people are worshipping Slayer nowadays, it's just another trend. Slayer are mediocre.

and yes, dont buy divine intervention.

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