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Have yet to see a topic, so I guess I'll post who my and my girlfriend saw yesterday, you can post your opinions on band and suchforth.

Sucka (punk band with Simon from Trev and Simon on guitar, funny lot)

Sek Loso - slightly boring average rock band with Thai singer (both in the New/John Peel tent)

Cake - Other Stage, Indie band that didn't really get the crowd going

Saw the end of the Dresden Dolls in the New Tent. It was packed, they sounded great and got fabulous praise

Sons and Daughters - on after Dolls, a great show

Saw the beginning of Jem, but decided to evict the tent

The Bravery - Other tent, Completely different to what they were publicised as. Surrounded by kids, unaware that we were about to watch a pop band. Synth not used nearly enough. Bassist got his todger out at the end of their set and fell over the drum kit.

Finally, say Client in the New Tent, a Euythmics-styled electronica band with the domineering frontlady. I enjoyed it, but the missus didn't.

Overall a brilliant day. This was alternative so no mentioning of the Pyramid Stage!

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I have watched i on tv when ever possible( dont think i missed a porgramme), its been a good year, i enjoyed The Zutons, Doves, coldplay, razorlight, the killers plus many more that i will probably forget.

I think i will try go in 07

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