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Will Pink Floyd do a big world tour?


Do you think that Pink Floyd will do a big world tour????  

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i don't think they will because wehn i watched them at live 8 i could still see the bitterness towards waters from gilmour. roger looked like he was enjoying himself but it didn't look like gilmour really wanted to be there.

also at the end gilmourtried to get off the stage as quickly as possible before waters had to call him back so all four of the band could thank the audience.

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There old now, will they last another tour !

I hope they do, and if they do they better come to australia !


i hope they do too ... but alot of bands that are older then them still tour , like the stones , so they can still do it :D

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I can only hope so.

Waters was having the time of his life at Live 8, so hopefully Gilmour and him setle their differences and have a tour.


I can see Dave and Roger settle it. Nick wouldn't be a problem either. Don't know about Rick Wright and Roger though. But I must admit they all looked very happy at the end of the show.

But yeah, Waters was clearly having an absolutely great time at Live 8.


Yeah, i would think that they know that they are still in the eye of the public, alot of people tried hard to get Live 8 tickets for them. Maybe making it easier for them to overcome past arguments and issues. I think that would be the only problem.

Mason is in, he was fuckin rocking in Comfortably Numb. Wright aswell, they probably just want to get out there and do something.

We will have to wait and see.

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I would love to see a Pink Floyd reunion tour, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

Also, David Gilmour probably was happy to be there. He doesn't show much emotion during his playing, and actually gets really into his music. So just because he wasn't having fun with Roger Waters every moment, it doesn't mean he didn't enjoy the experience.

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A few hours together at Live8 rehearsals yesterday was enough to start the former Pink Floyd bandmates bickering again – especially as the Sunday Mirror reports that Madonna turned up late and hogged the stage forcing them to wait for their practise session.

Yeah..Madonna killed Pink Floyd

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I think that article is irrelivant, before the actual show everyone would of been tense and nervous, particulary Pink Floyd because they haven't performed with Rog for over 20 years. Also emotions were running very high.

As for them on stage they all look like they were having the time of their life.

Mason was desperatly trying to hold back tears of happiness

Wright was smiling the whole time.

Waters, will his a very open person and it was very easy to see he was having the most fun he has had in years, he was also trying to hold back tears at some points, he was also very choked up with emotion that he clearly found it hard to sing.

Gilmour, i have seen lots of videos of Floyd gigs in the 70's and he was always very emersed into his music, barely showed any emotion, even at the height of their friendship during the DSOTM tours he never really smiled at his bandmates. At Live 8 you could tell he was enjoying it with his emotion just cracking through. Gilmour smiled several times at Waters and Mason, this is a huge display of emotion for David, he was also noticabily teary and trying to hold it back.

Also on a different note, If Floyd do do a World Tour they will more than capible to do one. The Divison Bell tour 1994-1997 was a huge world tour, it went every where, and it is infact the biggest grossing world tour ever.

Like i said early, i can bet alot of money that Gilmour, Wright and Mason will go on a world tour, you can count on that, but the fact that they will take Roger with them we will have to wait and see.

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