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25 Rules for Gothic


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Here are twenty five steps in order to become the perfect goth!

Step 1) Lose all colored clothing, especially anything not black or dark grey.

Step 2) Get an "original" piercing, and when someone else gets it, bitch constantly.

Step 3) Always consider yourself a non-conformist, along with your clique.

Step 4) Attend every local concert you can, even if you hate the band.

Step 5) Swear up and down that Christians ruined this country.

Step 6) Claim that you hate America, even though you enjoy the freedom deep down.

Step 7) Always use the word "Opression" as much as you can.

Step 8) Scratch your forarms or ankles and expose them for attention.

Step 9) When people ask about your scars, try to hide them, and deny asking for help.

Step 10) Go out and buy "misunderstood" work by poets, then read in the open.

Step 11) In order to maintain your cool, always threaten those who threaten you right back.

Step 12) If you don't own chains/bracelets/necklaces, you simply cannot be "gothic".

Step 13) Say you hate mainstream music, although your mallxcore crap IS mainstream.

Step 14) Always take the chance to diss a boyband. Always. This is no option.

Step 15) Whenever given the chance, talk about your "drug abuse" situation, fake or not.

Step 17) Wear mascara and eye liner. When you cry, it makes you even more pathetic.

Step 18) Claim to hate attention, but always try to acheive it.

Step 19) Whenever your friends are around, ignore your parents. Then go back to being a good boy/girl.

Step 20) Say you hate to label yourself, but you love when somone is creeped out by your "gothicness".

Step 21) If you have a girlfriend, which you probably wont, never show PDA. At all.

Step 22) Swear your life upon Cradle of Filth, or Dimmu Borgir. Not an option.

Step 23) Become "wiccan"! Real followers love when you de-moralize their religion.

Step 24) In cooperation with number 23, read "spellbooks" in public.

Step 25) Never, ever. And I repeat... NEVER smile.

After you complete these steps, who hoo! Your another wannabe trendsetter who doesn't know what the word goth means, even if it slit your wrists for you!

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Step 27) Explain an out-of-body experience with your girlfriend/boyfriend with anyone you meet, but only after they nag you enough. If you include that you believe you made a trip to hell and back, extrta points may be given. And then make shit threads

damn you jean genie :P

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