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How Can You Read IP Address'


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I don't mean on this forum, my friend showed me a run function that can give up a list of IP's connected to your pc.

The only thing is it's in numeric form so it's all just numbers and dots.

Does anyone know how to read IP addresses, to see where they are located.


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the antivirus software on my PC does that. It's McAfee and there is a tab that shows you all inbound events and lists all the IP addresses accessing your computer and where they are from. If you don't already have something like that on your PC It should be easy to find on various download sites

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there are various sites that can pin point your city. I was bored so I was looking up my ip address one day to see if it was accurate... one said I lived in some little city in BC (which is wrong) and the other was right.

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I looked up my IP. It says I live in Aberdeen. Waaay off.


Well do you use proxies? or AOL? Those scramble ur IP address each time you sign on or whatever. Also softwares but I doubt you have any if you asked the question lol.


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