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penatonic scales

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Hey, im learning guitar and ive had it around half a year now and ive been wanting to play solo's and make some of my own for a while now but everything on the internet is telling me to use penetonic scales and i just dont no what they are :( so if you no any website that shows me how to learn them and shows me what to do i will b very gratful, or if u no yourself then can u plz tell me, fnx

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well i'll tab a pentatonic minor scale, i use this all the time. now it can be played anywhere on the fretboard depending what key your in. It is played where the aeolian mode is played (6th mode). okay ill just start from fret 1







Can you read that? its a simple scale

Okay, good luck man!

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All you need to get started and used to scales. But be patient when learning scales and only learn one at a time. Don't get yourself too confused until you're 100% sure that you're playing what you think you are playing.

Good luck.

Oh and another thing. Don't stick specifically to the boundaries of scales. Theres always sweet notes to be found elsewhere on the board. But just know what you are playing before experimenting. Remember it's guitar we're playing. There are no rules!!!!!! (well sounding good might be one :lol: )

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