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KoHD and Dont' Cry solos

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thanks for the feedback. both solos are out of time because i just payed them from my head (no metronome or the real song played over). kohd is the first solo i learnt, about 1 year ago so i had a lot of time to practice it :P.

so i guess i need to work more on dont cry. what part where you talkin about Perfect_crime49?? the G ----------7br6-h7----? i forget sometime to hammer because most of the songs i learn them first on my acoustic, and then i pick the electric. and that hammer doesnt really sound on acoustic :scared:

how about the sound? i have a strat copy (gherson)--->zoom 505II---> computer

i sometimes use a technics tuner as an amp, because it has a warmer tone. but that has alot of basses and it kinda screws the chords...

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tap your goddamn foot dude!

also, make sure you mute out the strings you aren't playing with your palms.

i will say that you must change your guitar strings alot though, because my guitar couldn't sound like that right now


im having a really hard time trying to tap my foot. i play along with the song whenever i can :P. well, my strings are very shitty (3 dollars :P ). also the guitar has alot of buzzes, maybe thats why it sounds so horrible. i put some plastic under the bridge to lift the strings a bit, but it still buzzes (the action is pretty high now :confused: ).

ThePartyBoy ive been playing for an year and a half.

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