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Hey, just a completely random question...

Do any of you guys gig professionally, and if so, do any of you have custom made earpieces?

I know this sounds like a weird question! But I'm interested because part of my job is making custom made earmoulds for hearing aid wearers. And my boss takes impressions for rock band members if they need new moulds. I would obviously like to get into this line of work.

So if anyone has them - any info about what type of mould they are, or where you got them from would be great!

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I've never used custom-made earpieces. I've always bought the packs of Hearos from Musician's Friend. I should try the custom ones though, I bet they are more comfortable, and more effective.


Yeh i got the same ones. I'll get custom-made ones wen i get the money, down in australia its something like $220 to get them done :S

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