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Oasis vs Green Day

Gallagher Rose

Oasis vs Green Day  

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Oasis man...cuz they're a honest rock n roll band, just fellas, no big dress thing no bullshit, just flat out fellas playin rock n roll music...and they got good meaningless lyrics, like steve tyler, not really sayin' much but being cool at

eg: "baby maybe im wrong but u know it's alright!!"


"you're cryin me a river but i got to get across"

meaning not saying anything amazing but saying it in a "clever" way.

Green Day, i like all the way up until insomniac when i realised that this bands gonna churn out the same shit over and over and over which woulda been ok maybe if they were being themselves but they're not...they still think they're at Kerplunk age...Oasis however have made music that doesn't really have anything to do with age...its just good rock n roll music although as johnny rotten once said, they do seem to be runnin out of numbers from the beatles catalogue to rip off.

ANNNNNNNND, Noels guitar playing, that chunky wall of sound guitar playing that Steve Jones invented. plus i like their attitude, they really don't give a second fuck about anybody and thats always healthy. so yeah, Oasis, by far..

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Since Oasis and Guns n' Roses are my favorite bands,I voted for Oasis..but I'm a green day fan too,they have tons of good songs with nice melodies,and American Idiot is a fantastic album.

But they're not better than Oasis.Like some guy said here,Oasis are honest Rock n' Roll..their music is their spetacle

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null vote...hate both beyond words


you don't have any musical taste at all :rolleyes:

...and why would you "hate" a band?? :huh:

I voted Green Day. I love OASIS a lot and I own all their albums, but the shows from Green Day this year were just incredibly good. Far better than the 2 Oasis gigs (which I did enjoy very much) I saw in munich.

2 of my favorite bands :D

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