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favorite Death album


your favorite album?  

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My favorite album would be The Sound Of Perseverance...it almoust like a prog. death metal album...Bite The Pain and Flesh And The Power It Holds are the best original songs from the album..and the cover of Painkiller is just monumental

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Had to go with Perseverance.

Like I said in a previous post, Death were amazing musicians, especially Chuck. It's a shame what happened to him, but his vocals at times are just too intolerable. It's a good thing he could solo like a bastard :P This album has his best vocals I think. It was also the perfect way to end the band.

That Painkiller cover is cool. But the solos aren't as good as the original Priest ones, but still good improvisation in an already great song.

I couldn't understand it though. Chuck said in various interviews he hated DM vocals, but stuck with them because of the way the fans could react. His dream was to play Rock N' Roll with Ronnie James Dio. He was capable ya know.

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I though this was a thread about Grateful Dead and someone just did a typo :mellow:

Does DeathMetal bands ever use organ anyway?


symphonic black metal use them I think.....


Speaking of weird instruments in death metal.

A death metal band called 'dwarfphile' has got a song with a trumet. That is weird, funny noise the manage to get out of it. The song is called 'Trumpi Lox Retondo' or something like that

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