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Grateful Dead


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Guest gnr>everything

I really like them...my dad is a Jerry fanatic too...I'm in San Francisco, and we went by the GD house today! It was pretty cool

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I love them. An incredible band. They're original (even when exploring their roots), talented, meaningful, and they even give a shit about the fans.

"American Beauty" and "The Working Man's Dead" are two flawless albums. Their live preformances (excluding mid 80's-Jerry's death) were outstanding. I can actually tolerate their jams, which I cannot say for most bands.

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(excluding mid 80's-Jerry's death)

please explain?


During the mid 80's until Jerry's death, the live preformances began to lose their charm. Jerry had formed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which affected his guitar-noodling. Moreover, he was forgetting lyrics to songs he had been playing for over twenty years.

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