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AREA 54 Record Cover Of Unreleased 'Madagascar'


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Original article:

DATE: August 8th, 2005

TITLE: AREA 54 Record Cover Of Unreleased GUNS N' ROSES Track 'Madagascar'

TEXT: Britain's AREA 54 have revealed that they laid down a cover version of the unreleased GUNS N' ROSES song "Madagascar" during a recent demo-recording session. Responding to a fan question in the Q&A section of the group's web site regarding whether or not they have ever played or recorded covers and if they plan on doing so in the future, the band's frontman Lakis Kyriacou wrote, "We don't always do covers at soundcheck, but we have done some old MEGADETH, CARCASS, GUNS N' ROSES, AT THE GATES, and AC/DC to name a few. We've not actually told anyone this before, but we did record a cover when we did the 'Fistful of Gravy' demo around eight months ago, it was a kind of last minute idea to just do it for fun, so we recorded a GUNS N' ROSES track called 'Madagascar' which I think is going to be on their 'Chinese Democracy' album. Laura [salmon, bass] and I thought the track was really strong when we saw them in Leeds back in 2002, and then as we were hitting the studio, we decided to just record it! It was an interesting experience, that's for sure!!"

AREA 54 recently completed the first part of the recording process for their as-yet-untitled third album, tentatively due later in the year. A video clip of AREA 54's Rob Hillman laying down drum tracks for the upcoming CD can be found at this location. Songtitles set to appear on the album include "My Hate" and "Losing Grip".

AREA 54's sophomore full-length effort, "Beckoning Of The End", was released in April 2003 through Casket Records. The album, which was produced by Dave Chang, features a guest appearance from ex-AT THE GATES/THE CROWN vocalist Tomas Lindberg. The band were previously signed to Dreamcatcher Records.







Area 54 Official Website

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