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A musical landscape change is calling...


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In a world of commercial music that is currently being dominated by emo punk, rap, axel-F ringtone etc when is this decades Nirvana going to appear. An era of glam closed in 1991 after a good decades run, and while I do not in any way dislike glam (I in ways prefer it to grunge) I still feel as though in 1991 people were in a similar dilemma to us today, with a overpowering set of "genres" ruling the radio-waves and strangling any hope of a fresh change in what was and what is today a needed change in the musical landscape.

My question to those who read this is, who is going to step up to do this, when are they going to do it and finally what will it change to. Everyday I think about these issues and I try to imagine a different sound surrounding our lives today, it will happen (hopefully soon) but by whom and when?

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