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Paula McKagan

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Ok, maybe some of you know i went to see them yesterday....So I only wanted to say this:


there :D

it was amazing rock3

they were so carismatic and funny and all :heart:

I :heart: Lauri Porra and Timo

Timo recorded a video where they were doing a tour in Buenos Aires, drinkin vino tinto and all,...they even joked with Chile, and the public went mad :lol: ....Porra did a bass solo (orgasmico haha) and then he played a tango (typical argentinian music that i dont like because i think is boring, but i loved how he played it^^...EDIT: NR is telling me its from Finland :unsure: )

also it was the first time (timo said) they played United live, and guess! it rocked

Muchas Grrracias Argentina

quieren massss?!

Buenos Aires is beautiful...and Vino Tinto Too!!!

well....i cant type more

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yeah,they fucking know how to play!!!!!!!!! :D Finnish bands rulez!!!(ok...not all of them :ph34r: )

I want to see them again,I miss them :)

I saw them last summer...and...that was long ago for me -_-

...and btw do you have some photos from that gig?

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