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I'm not really sure why but I'm losing interest in playing guitar, I've gone from playing 3/4 hours a day last summer to not even playing every day this summer. I've been playing for about 3 years and I just seem to have hit a block. This ever happen to anyone? Any suggestions on what I should learn/do to keep up my interest. I've tried listening to my favorite bands and watching them, but even doing this, I still lose interest after playing for about 30 mins.

P.S. this is not just a phase, I've been steadily losing interest for a few months now. Help, somebody, Please!!!

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try making up some stuff, get some friends together that play instuments, and make a song. or just try learning a new type of playing guitar, learn a new style.

i used to only play metal but then i got bored so i learn blues and fingerpicking and i experimented with slides and sounds so now my band has a spanish, blues, psychadelic, metal sound to it.

now i cant set my guityar down cuz im always experimenting rock4

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