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hey guys, i have a lot of bootlegs and would really like to tradde with someone for something i dont have. here is a list of what i have, if you are interested then post it or email me at, neo1414@hotmail.com or Bentaxl@chinesedemocracy.com,

Guns N' Roses Bootlegs:

California xmas, pasadena, 87, vol 1

Happy new year, pasadena, 87, vol 2

December bullets, 1987

Open air show, san diago, 87

Reflections, live at the ritz, 88

Axl Grease, Live at the ritz, 88, edit version

Jack Daniels Tour, felt forum, 88

Chicago, 92

Samurai, 92, vol 2

Samurai, 92, vol 3

rio, 92

copenhagen, 93

unplugged, 93

trashed illusions

covering them

practice for distruction

make my day

live, 87 to 88

las vegas, house of blues, 2000

Coming soon: will have by next weekend, two weeks at the latest....

Roxy club, LA, 86

Torornto, 91

Stoned in LA, 89

Acustic jam, CBGB, 87

Live from Paradiso, 87

please let me know if you are interested

Rock on GNR world

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