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Avenged sevenfold


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not sure if i agree wit hthis review but intereting none the less, i like the song BAt country, so i picked up the CD, pretty good one, some of you guys may like it, a little emo at times but not too bad, btw i hate emo with a pasion

This album is certainly not on par with "Waking The Fallen". In my opinion, that is one of the best metal albums ever made, along with Vulgar Display, The Black Album, Burn My Eyes, The Dark Saga, As The Palaces Burn (or Ashes Of The Wake, maybe), etc. City just doen't have the raw emotion, the screaming, the lyrics. And City doesn't have a song on par with the stunningly beautiful "I won't see you tonight, part 1.

HOWEVER, City is a good album. If you were waiting for a new Guns 'n' Roses, look no further. Intentionally or not, these guys do G 'n' R better than anyone I've heard. As other reviewers have suggested, if you don't believe it, listen to "seize the day". If that doesn't convince you that there is some major likenesses to G 'n' R, get your ears checked. I played "seize the day" for my wife and asked her who she thought is was, and she said G 'n' R.

The major difference between this and G 'n' R is the musicianship is far better than anything G 'n' R has or could come up with. In fact, at times, these guys seem to be simply "wanking", a term some rock reviewers use to describe musicians showing off by playing technically difficult music.

And they do play technically difficult music. Few bands feature EVERY member like this band does. Listen to the drums, the bass, the lead and rhythm, the singer. They all play a prominent role in the music. I would agree with some of the reviewers who state the only weakness, as far as musical ability, is the singer. He seems, at times, to struggle on this album.

As stated, the things that don't appeal to me that much are the lyrics--some of them are just plain cheesedickish, unnecessary foul language--and the lack of screaming. Now, I know some of you are happy there is no screaming. You are the newcomers, or don't mind major change.

I think I have an idea that may make us all happy. For the next album, Avenged should put out a "clean" version, with no screaming, along with a "screaming" version, with... screaming. It wouldn't be that hard to do. If Shadows is concerned about his voice, they can hire a screamer. Hell, I'd do it for free. Call me, Shadows. Anywho, let Shadows do the singing, and let the screamer do the screaming.

It wouldn't have been that hard to do on City. Several of those songs would be to die for if there were screaming. In fact, I would suggest to Avenged they rerelease City with some thoughtful screaming thrown in.

I will refrain from reviewing each song, as it seems people are all over the map on what songs they like. I will say I like the first six songs. After that, the albums gets significantly weaker. On Waking, I could listen to EVERY SINGLE SONG, in order, and enjoy every second.

These guys, if they keep their heads screwed on straight (i've heard stories of major rock 'n' roll debauchery), will be around awhile.

Finally, Sounding is a four-star album as well, with lots of fine screaming. Pick it up

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Well, since people here gave them such rave reviews i decided to check this band out. Just downloaded a few tracks... and will definately be purchasing the albums!

This band are awesome!

The have powermetal style drumming but with quieter hihats (thank god), with great lead guitar including solo's (very rare these days)

The singer actually varies his singing which is unfortunately rare these days, most at the moment sing every song exactly the same.

There is definately an 80's feel in some of the music, more maiden than GnR though. Which is cool cos i love maiden.

There is a pop punk feel about some of the vocals, but as i say this guy is pretty varied

I have heard 5 tracks and they are all very good metal

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I think they're bad ass. I burned 'Sounding The Seventh Trumpet" - great album by the way. They were influenced by GNR. Check out some pics on "Yahoo Search." You catch the lead singer with a Vintage shirt and some dude with the Bullet Logo. Listen to "Warmness On The Soul." Very GNR influenced - imo.

Second Heartbeat is a great song. Kick ass solo at the end rock4

People should listen to them a lot more. I'm definitely into them, and I hate usually hate the "screamo / metal" type stuff. I love this band though.

I dig the "double singing" or w.e you'll call it. They have the crazy screaming guy (who can also sing very nice w.o screaming) and the back up vocals. They make the songs great.

I'll stop now.

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