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check my band out please

Charles Manson

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yo everybodie, i was wondering if u cud check my band out please, we havent got a singer at the mo and we r making different kinds of music, the song that is on the site is like a NIN/ Prodigy song

we dont just make that kind of music but its the only one the others wanna put up on the site..

we appreciate any comments, and if u want , add us!! rock3


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Wow, that's one of the best produced bits of music I've seen on a myspace section. Apart from the fact that the main guitar only seems to come through one side of my headphones.

I love your idea of combining industrial sound with catchy riffs; I'm trying to the same myself.

Are those drums synthetic? Cause they're pretty well arranged.

Now, is one of those three guitarists able to sing?

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