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Dark Dukke guitarist from Argentina

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I'm Cristian. I'm from Argentina.( south America )

I'm 26 years old.

I'm not in a band, I have no manager, no record company. It's just me, my guitar and PC.

I'm doing these songs by myself, I know that a good drummer and bassist can't be replaced by machines, but in my country it's very difficult to find good musicians. Musicians are interested in other styles in my country, they don't understand my songs and music.

"Famous " artists here think that they're the best and the rest of us are nothing. That's why I uploaded my songs in other countries. Then, I realised that people hear and like my songs more than in my own country. I am not just an instrumental guitarist. I played with other bands ( hard rock , pop, heavy metal, rock ).I am still looking for the perfect singer for my style.

If you want to listen some of my songs, please visit me:


Thank you. :ph34r: rock1 rock2 rock3rock4

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