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New recording ;-)

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This is the product of a saturday without drinking :P

Tell me what you think. Constructive criticism are always welcome :)

Here is the link (1,6 MB)


Like to try to judge but I'm still fixin the fuck-ups my wife made and infected my computer with viruses. I can't really bitch cause it's not her fault, but damn I'm fighting a fuckin war here with my computer. I'm sure it's good. I'll give my bud a hollah to check it out then I'll get back at ya. Sorry .

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Thanks for comments guys!! :)

About the drums; yes, they are generated with fruityloops. And I stink at making cool beats, so it's 100% simple :P The whole song is absolute basic... But it's my first "ballad" :D And it's only 50% yet. So keep posting :)

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