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Fuzz Boxes & Wah Pedals

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I've read that in a lot of Clapton's early material he used those A LOT! I was wondering if of the many talented guitarits we got here, who uses fuzz boxes and wah-pedals? And if it's possible, can anyone explain how they work and are used? :)

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In SCOM, around 4:20 in the solo, I think at least live Slash uses wah in that part. Basically the sound is just "wwwwwwuuuuuaaaaaaaahh". Listen to Metallicas Black Album, especially there Kirk uses a shitload of wah. Metallicas Outlaw Torn's solo is a good example too.

Hope that helps!

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I LOVE Clapton's Wah guitar work, it's awesome, but Hendrix reigns supreme when it comes to Wah.

I'm getting a Crybaby Wah for christmas. :D

Oh and personally i'm a big fan of Fuzz.

If you want to go in between Fuzz and Distortion, then the Big Muff pedel is what you want.

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