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Yeah sure. But I'm at 0.5 mbit now, but I can get to a 24 mbit next saturday/sunday. So if it's okey I'll upload then.

It's 112mb so I want something that's almost as much mb. I'm intrested in the three Canada shows in '87. Please check how large they are together!



ahh.. i found both of the shows..if ya got anything else im up for a trade

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Well how big is the three canada shows?  I really would like them, I'll try to get something so we can trade.

You dont want any video? I've got the whole RIR3


i dunno i dont have them on the computer ive got em on a dvd..

nahh no vids.. ive got alot of full video shows.. just havent made a list of what ive got yet..

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