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Discs I need to buy


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I think if youre starting off you should get

zep - remastered best of (the one with the corn field as the cover)

floyd - echoes

halen - best of vol.1

if you want albums not best of get

zep - II

not a huge fan of floyd but i like the wall best

van halen - tough one but I'd go with either VHI or 5150

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Led Zep - I would go for III, Gallow's Pole is a classic as well as That's the Way and . Since I've Been Loving You.

Van Halen, it has to be their debut, that is a great album,

Pink Floyd - The Wall is a great album, Dark side of the Moon is great as well as Wish you where here?, If you are not a big Floyd fan get the Echo's album, it is their greatest hits, it does not disappoint.

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Guest gnr>everything
I will defenetely get Led IV

for Van Halen my dad told me Van Halen II was great but really uncommon

Pink Floyd ill get or WYWH or ANIMALS! help me Decide...



But if it's between those two...get WYWH

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