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The Fall are touring!


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its always hit and miss with the fall, one of the best bands of all time, no doubt. but live, it can be the best gig you have ever sene or the worst shit ever, the line up these days generally are usually always good rather than bad, just make sure mark is smiling when he comes out, if he looks grumpy then its going to be a bit off, if he looks cheery or indifferent, it will be great.

similarly, the new album is fucking great.

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If they can be found for a fiver, then you've got it.

Their 'BBC Sessions collected' boxset is priced rather reasonably for 6 disks of live music. Perhaps it could be wise getting that as a best-of type. It's outrageous and probably unadvisable, but sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me, like my £40 transactions of Judas Priest's Metalogy and Joy Division's 'Heart and Soul'

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the peel box set is essential, defenitely worth egtting that if you're on a tight budget before getting anything else, they were always at their best for the sessions. i saw them a few weeksago here and they were amazing, almost as good as the time before that when mark was in a wheelchair sat behind the table for the whole gig.

the heart and soul box set is good, got it for twenty quid.

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