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You have just entered room "rapbattlehooray for tolerance!."

Super Poop Kid: yo yo yo look at you

NikkiSixx444: =]

Super Poop Kid: kickin back

Super Poop Kid: smokin crack

Super Poop Kid: as you beat off lookin at your mamas rack

Super Poop Kid: :P

whitedude722: Alex

Super Poop Kid: Nick

Super Poop Kid: Adam

whitedude722: have you seen the sig on mygnr where its someone saying HighVoltage is a good moderator

Super Poop Kid: Yes, I have

Super Poop Kid: Binge_And_Slash

whitedude722: Yeah

whitedude722: Hold on

whitedude722: im makin' one about him

Super Poop Kid: lol

whitedude722: His left hand, is all that he did, weak ass black person named Super Poop Kid

NikkiSixx444: We need to rap

NikkiSixx444: C'mon

whitedude722: Aiiight cuzz

whitedude722: Where is Zack?

NikkiSixx444: Right there

whitedude722: Check mygnr sig

Super Poop Kid: Nic eone nickk

Super Poop Kid: Lights. Camera. Action. Nick sucks cock wishin he has a big dock for his boat that is siting out in his moat.

NikkiSixx444: My turn

NikkiSixx444: Prepared to be pwned

Super Poop Kid: Pwned is so overrated, just like you sittin back masturbateing

NikkiSixx444: you say you dont do rap but black person it's my lifedont turn ya back or you'll feel my knife,your english is poor you even type with an accent,but that's allright your just giving your two cents

NikkiSixx444: but stay inside kid dont leave your room, as a matter of fact climb back in yo mommies womb, Because my rhymes are dangerous, And they'll be your doom.

NikkiSixx444: Snap.

NikkiSixx444: You suckas got served.

CaughtInAComa549: sorry sorry i was watching that 70's show

whitedude722: We all know adam sucks dicks, he only wishes he could suck off nikkie sixx

Super Poop Kid: black person please, I lived off a doller a day eating biscuits and gravery down on the corner at the local Dennys.

Super Poop Kid: gravY*

NikkiSixx444: I'm the king ya see my name is spelled G-O-D, I take reppin to the highest degree.

NikkiSixx444: You wish you had the key to tha streets, but all you got is your daddy's skeet all ova ya sheets. You better get down and start kissin mah ass cause i'll knock out your panzy class.

CaughtInAComa549: haha nice sig nick

Super Poop Kid: I cant rap but i can take a crap while i eat some carp

whitedude722: hhahah

CaughtInAComa549: wow alex

CaughtInAComa549: no offense but you suck at raps lol

Super Poop Kid: I know

whitedude722: My momma always told me, to eat my peas, my rap skills will bring you to your knees

Super Poop Kid: so go n get blown

NikkiSixx444: You see, I prepare, I'm rappins

NikkiSixx444: worst nightmare

Super Poop Kid: Welcome to my nightmare, we've got like...scary stuff

Super Poop Kid: :huh:

NikkiSixx444: I see a prepetual battle blooming but it stops here, yo' ass is just a blashphemer a small minded queer.

CaughtInAComa549: i brought your momma to your knees, my dick was so big she said "my you must eat your peas!" Then i said please woman, it's just the genes now go take a shower because you look like you have fleas

whitedude722: Bust it cuz!

Super Poop Kid: they only thing you can bist is your nuts all over Damians chest shit hes almost as flat as his mom

NikkiSixx444: hide yo face black person and realize yo rhymes is lame, now go cry in shame

Super Poop Kid: but like...his mom is flatter then a warped board

whitedude722: pWEn35456gD!1!11

Super Poop Kid: and that shit curves in

NikkiSixx444: C'mon son I know it burns when ya' pee, take your queer ass back to england and start drinkin' some tea.

CaughtInAComa549: Nick is such a slease, while i give his the mom the squeeze and have her begging please, damn the women come to me with ease and i just put there ass in the breaze and bring them to there knees

whitedude722: Shut up adamn, we know you like the cock, when your dad skeets on you, do you wear a smock

NikkiSixx444: Face it cuz, you can't handle my rhymes. You get robbed when your countin' your dimes.

NikkiSixx444: Shut up Nick I'm the masta of tha mike, you better go home an start paying your mom's dike.

CaughtInAComa549: PwN3d

CaughtInAComa549: adam your good

Super Poop Kid: You're all hooray for tolerance!s,

Super Poop Kid: Only kidding

whitedude722: Haha

NikkiSixx444: I pwnz

CaughtInAComa549: uh oh, my food is hear and if adam's mom saw it she'd shed a tear, but tell her to keep on that diet and the fat will come off like cutting bushes with shear, and maybe then ill be ready to set her in a chair and bang her right ther

whitedude722: When i bust a flow, you'll prolly cry, when i'm thru with you you'll sya live and let die

Super Poop Kid: zack, no GNR refrences. :-P

CaughtInAComa549: Alex <3s

CaughtInAComa549: hooray for tolerance&#33;s

CaughtInAComa549: nick puts gn'r references damnit!

CaughtInAComa549: lol

Super Poop Kid: I know, I was kiddin' lol

CaughtInAComa549: lol

NikkiSixx444: kid yo' shít dont rhyme, this garbage you spittin' is just wastin' our time.

NikkiSixx444: I think I win this.

CaughtInAComa549: whatchu talkin' bout wastin' your time, you have no life and you sit on your computer all the damn time, making up whack ass rhymes

Super Poop Kid: All my raps.

NikkiSixx444: you all attack, when none of you are black. You all seem to lack, what you lost by doing crack.

CaughtInAComa549: eminem online lol

CaughtInAComa549: hey alex do you have that rap we're eminem called himself a "modern day axl rose"

Super Poop Kid: Yeah

Super Poop Kid: An updated Axl Rose was the line actually :-P

whitedude722: you can suck a dick, my name is nick, lemme tell yall a story real quick, this lil old man jumped me with a stick, i think his name was rick, he gave me a lick, it was pretty sick, is wasn't very slick

CaughtInAComa549: oh

Super Poop Kid: you want it

CaughtInAComa549: yeah

whitedude722: So I picked up my phone, called this kid mick, his rhymes were really sick, he made the dude barf and I was like ICk

CaughtInAComa549: thanks

Super Poop Kid: look at your dick

Super Poop Kid: np

NikkiSixx444: I'm a free roamin' playa, I'll do what I may, God is fuckin here and he's here to fuckin stay.

Super Poop Kid: You're idol is a guy that uses Aqua Net hairspray

whitedude722: My name is Nick, and i have a cool hat, you people suck, i own this chat

Super Poop Kid: but look at that cat

whitedude722: is he real fat

Super Poop Kid: names garfield the brat

whitedude722: lets do this, one person says a line, and we keep rhymin it

Super Poop Kid: lol ight

Super Poop Kid: who starts?

Super Poop Kid: Make some kinda order, like Nick, Zack Me Adam or something.

CaughtInAComa549: ok shut up cause you all have a small dick, but mines so big i can pleasure each and every chick and leave them screaming for more as i walk out the front door

whitedude722: KKK i start cuz

CaughtInAComa549: i guess i go first

CaughtInAComa549: cus of that rap i just did

whitedude722: There once was a mouse

Super Poop Kid: who had a blouse

CaughtInAComa549: that lived in a small house

Super Poop Kid: Nick Alex Zack Adam is the order.

Super Poop Kid: Adam...hurry up.

CaughtInAComa549: just skip him

NikkiSixx444: Just Call me Wizard of Dis Call me the mc-in' tool Yo' better know me cause I will rule.

whitedude722: Wizard of Dis, more like the wizard of lame, your wannabe ryhmes just ruined are game

CaughtInAComa549: haha nick

CaughtInAComa549: ROCK LOBSTER

Super Poop Kid: look at me I've almost got fame.

whitedude722: You think Romamamonma will remover my si

whitedude722: remover my sig

NikkiSixx444: Who's turn is it?

whitedude722: i dont knw

Super Poop Kid: Zack

NikkiSixx444: Go Zeduto =\

CaughtInAComa549: what do i just give a rhyme or continue the line?

whitedude722: Line

Super Poop Kid: CRime

NikkiSixx444: I don't continue the lines =O

CaughtInAComa549: im so confused :-$

NikkiSixx444: Just

NikkiSixx444: Rap

Super Poop Kid: You might be so confused, but look at NIck hes got the bruse from the dick

NikkiSixx444: Shut up

NikkiSixx444: It isn't your turn =|

whitedude722: Haha

Super Poop Kid: So, :-(

CaughtInAComa549: adam thinks he's the claimer to fame, but he raps worse than that black person the game, my raps will put your shit to shame and then my award will be on the will with a frame, but knowing you, because you'll stay the same and then you'll

CaughtInAComa549: send that wall up in a flame*

NikkiSixx444: Look at this pussy named Zack, All he likes to do is hump his dad's back, His sisters ass is his midnight snack, Zeduto go rub your mom's sack.

CaughtInAComa549: i don't have a sister i thought i told you that, but i guess you wouldn't know because you we're sucking my best freins sack while selling him some smack, then you went home and watched some gay porn and all you could here was your

CaughtInAComa549: dick going 'flap flap'

whitedude722: Adam has to find a way to cure his lonelines, he has to find a way to cure the pain, no one says that their his friend, him and his hand love will never end, the heramaphodite won't have his trust again

Super Poop Kid: but Janie's got a gun!

NikkiSixx444: It's the end and you know it, you need to go so admit that im legit, So let's end this shit, And go take a hit.

NikkiSixx444: *Ends battle*

whitedude722: m i in 3rd still?

whitedude722: whoops

NikkiSixx444: Let's post it on MYGNR now.

CaughtInAComa549: You can't end a battle with a lame-ass rhyme, to do that would be like commiting a rap-battle crime, just admit it adam you suck at this game and we'll take this to my gn'r and ill take my fame to claim

NikkiSixx444: Oh

NikkiSixx444: Shit

NikkiSixx444: I getted

NikkiSixx444: Pwned

NikkiSixx444: Now

NikkiSixx444: Post

NikkiSixx444: It

CaughtInAComa549: post it under my world

NikkiSixx444: You.

CaughtInAComa549: because this is rap at its finest

CaughtInAComa549: no nick

CaughtInAComa549: wait

NikkiSixx444: Nick

NikkiSixx444: Do it.

CaughtInAComa549: adam you post it you need more post counts anyway

Super Poop Kid: Nick got a big kick in the sack

Super Poop Kid: Thanks to the lame ass people, i'll post it god damn it

whitedude722: I'll post it adam, cause your doin' something with your hand, you couldnt post it anyway, your ass got banned

NikkiSixx444: =|

CaughtInAComa549: PwN3d

NikkiSixx444: The battle is over

NikkiSixx444: You can't post that

CaughtInAComa549: yeah he can

Super Poop Kid: Who is posting this?

NikkiSixx444: No.

NikkiSixx444: THAT's againt the rules

CaughtInAComa549: shut up the winner makes the rules

NikkiSixx444: That's me.

CaughtInAComa549: lol

NikkiSixx444: Did you see my Pwning rhymes?

whitedude722: I'll post

Super Poop Kid: I'm the winner cuz I'm thinner

CaughtInAComa549: well the poster make's the rules

whitedude722: I'll take out my gun, then put in back in the holster, hey zack tell your mom she has a nice poster

whitedude722: (above my bed)

Super Poop Kid: while she givers me head

Super Poop Kid: gives*

CaughtInAComa549: woah you actually rhymed alex! lol

whitedude722: YAY ALEX

Super Poop Kid: Lmfao

Super Poop Kid: I can rhyme at the drop of a dime

whitedude722: OH SNAP DAWG

Super Poop Kid: while I await outside for the crime

NikkiSixx444: You just ruined it

NikkiSixx444: =|

Super Poop Kid: Sittin back smokin crack

whitedude722: When i chase Alex, he runs real fast, if he talk about my momma, i piut a cap in his ass

Super Poop Kid: Lookin' at Indy's moms rack

NikkiSixx444: Nick, Did you post it?

whitedude722: No


whitedude722: I will

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